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“Writing on his blog TravelCommons.com, avid traveller Mark Peacock agrees. While smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Wi-Fi devices are prevalent nowadays, Peacock notes that free Wi-Fi is sometimes a hit-and-miss thing. Connection speed varies greatly – reasonably fast at 1pm when practically no one’s in the hotel, and frustratingly sluggish at 9pm when everyone’s tucked in. This can be troublesome especially for worker-travellers, who require a stable connection to perform many business related activities online from emails to video conferences with colleagues.

Peacock also pointed out that taking breakfast is essential for many reasons. Scientists will often argue that breakfast is the day’s most important meal and there is a heavy weight of proof to support this. Some people are prone to skip breakfast in favour of a lie-in but doing so isn’t sensible. For instance, it is proven that skipping breakfast is not recommended if you’re trying to manage your weight. A 2003 s